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LPA PROTECT, had a vision of setting up an organisation offering a quality Lasting Power of Attorney Service to clients experiencing hardship as a result of caring for family members with declining health.
Registering LPAs is crucial, but should not be expensive particularly as many people are already struggling to pay care costs for relatives.  The danger is many people will delay organising the implementation of an LPA.  They are unaware that without one, the potential complexities can be devastating.
Having had to deal with the affairs of a loved one who become suddenly unwell, and being unable to act for them, people recognise the importance of having an LPA in place.   

It has become clear many family members do not have control when dealing with their loved ones health and financial matters.  Financial Companies and Health and Welfare Services, bound by mental capacity and data protection legislation, are often unable to act on the instructions of a family member without an LPA in place.  If a person then loses mental capacity, an application to the Court of Protection to become a Deputy would have to be made.  This is an extremely lengthy and costly process, which would need to be paid for by friends or family until funds can be released.  And of course, this can be avoided by registering an LPA.
LPA PROTECT strongly believe that the costs are fair and are at a level that most people in the vast majority of cases will be able to afford.

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Many people think that if they were to lose mental capacity due to an illness or accident, their partner/spouse could simply take over all their property, financial affairs and healthcare decisions. Without an LPA this cannot happen. The Mental Capacity Act is designed to protect people who have lost the capacity to make decisions for themselves. Without an LPA it could be very difficult for your family even if property and bank accounts are jointly owned. In many cases an application to the Court of Protection to become a deputy is required. This gives similar powers to that of an Attorney. But it’s a time-consuming and expensive process.

When a Lasting Power of Attorney has already been drawn up and registered, the situation is considerably easier.

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